October 25, 2010

Terra Cotta Pot Ghost

I made this cute ghost out of a terra cotta pot. I painted the pot white first. It took 2 coats to completely cover up the terra cotta color. Once it dried I added the face - just freehanded it. I used plain ole acrylic paints for this that you can get at your local craft store. When that dried, I took a wooden spool and wrapped some wire around it then through the hole in the pot. The spool keeps the wire from coming out of the hole when you hang it. I took some fabric scraps I had and cut them into the length I wanted with my pinking shears and cut some fringe on the ends. I used my pinking shears for the bow also. I hot glued the strips onto the inside of the pot and the bow on. I then hot glued some raffia to the top of the pot (the ghost's head) and tied a piece of jute in a bow to the top of the wire. I added a wooden star to the middle of the jute bow. I think my ghost turned out really cute! I'm going to hang him on my front porch so all the trick or treaters can enjoy him! I think I'll make some more to hang up for next year. It was very easy to make. It's a little time consuming since you have to wait for the paint to dry. Sorry for the orangey look on one of the white strips of fabric. The orange must have reflected on it some when I photographed it.
Thanks for looking!

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